One would say, “who are those two?”

“Mixed matched.”

A Buddhist blond, and some dark mysterious looking chick.

Paired up, across another, sitting outdoor’s, on the patio of a cafe shop.

Chatting it up, or bickering at one another.

They’re two stuck in an alley way,

torched for serenity. 

Drenched in mucus,

leaving though always,

one another clean.

We sacrifice ourselves,

in our own destiny’s,

and want the same thing’s,

better outcome’s,

a better reality.

In hope despair,

I hallow out my heart, in cause and effect, you will make it burst.

From the breathe I’ve taken, and filled my heart up of yours. 

Every care, every worry, every compliment, sincerity, fear.

Break it down -every emotion we have ever shared.

Beyond reason, you came into my life.

Beyond somewhere, we entered realms.

I will never second guess it.

‘The how bad’ we needed each other,

that very moment, this very moment still.

And infinity, the cycles of three we go through.

We will go-Ever-Go-Lasting, and laughter will never begin, to have an ending.

Happy Birthday Friend Of The Rose’s, Humming Birds & Dragon Flies.

And my Best Bud.


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