sink hole swallowing

It’s that way again, biting my lip again, falling on things, lousy feelings, feeling no pleasure, heading for no where, stopping at dead ends, ends that turn me around, around to focus on nothing, focussing on nothing, my eyes use to see everything, now they see blindness, black space with no color, biting my lip raw, so raw it numbs it’s self, bleeding out my mouth, out where I speak to people, people who can’t hear me, I use to yell, now I can’t hear myself, biting my lip, the fatty tissue, swelling the lip, swelling so big, bleeding out the mouth, listening to the popping, the pop in my jaw, clicking in my ear, there is no time, not even to run from myself, where is the surface, I can’t feel the ground, the ground that earth gives out, sinking in a sink hole now, the sinking is degrading, swallowing me face first, elongating my legs out far enough they stretch to the streets, the streets that use to behave me, brave me, degrade me, all over again degrading, the sink hole feels me, I am one with too many -or too little memories, not doing enough to fix the problems, problems that numb me, the lip biting, numbing, sink hole swallowing.



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